Mental Health Awareness Week – the stress bucket

Vanysha and Adriana from the Mentally Healthy Leeds team use the stress bucket model as a visual aid, to show how we each have limited capacity for everyday stress factors, and that capacity may be different, depending on our life circumstances. This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (14th-20th May) is focussed on the theme of stress: why it happens, how we deal with it, how we can reduce it. Mentally

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#coproweek A Coproduced Poem on Coproduction

At our recent coproduction conference, we asked all the attendees to write down some of the words that they felt were most important when considering coproduction (design of services in a way which allows equal input from the people who use those services as well as those who deliver, fund or facilitate them). The finished list was used by poet Adam Montgomery to inspire the following poem, which we're publishing

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"Living Well With Dementia" video

Leeds Involving People have put together this video on living well with dementia. The short film features June from Rothwell talking about her life with dementia, and shows how groups in Leeds are working to become dementia friendly. It showcases the work of a number of great organisations, including Touchstone's South Asian dementia cafe.

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Migrant Access Point project in 4 minutes

Touchstone's Community Development Service has produced this video to explain the work of the Migrant Access Point project, empowering community members to improve access for their communities to services in Leeds. Migrant Access Point Project in 4 minutes from Touchstone on Vimeo.

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