Our Coproduction team at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) recently ran a Coproduction Awareness Survey to find out what LMWS staff know about coproduction and what they would like to learn more about.

  • 77.8% of LMWS staff said that coproduction is discussed in the workplace – this is great to hear!
  • 82.2% of LMWS staff were aware that coproduction is part of our offer in the service, although not everyone was sure how to access it. This week we’ll be sharing more details on how staff and service-users can get involved in coproduction
  • 51.1% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they understood what coproduction meant. Over the course of this week, we’ll be sharing more information within our service on what coproduction means to us at LMWS and the benefits of it.
    The image is an infographic showing the results to the Coproduction Awareness Survey of staff and volunteers at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service. The image shows the key facts, taken from the survey, which also feature in text in the blog above. On the right hand side, there are also pie charts showing the breakdown of different staff's roles and which organisation they are from within the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Umbrella. The biggest proportion of staff who responded were Touchstone, followed by Northpoint Wellbeing. The most common role who responded was Step 3 clinicians. There are also some quotes from staff and volunteers in response to the questions 'what would help you use coproduction?' and 'what is coproduction?'

    This image shows the results of a survey of staff and volunteers at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service, which Touchstone is one of the partners for.

Coproduction is one of the key values embedded in Touchstone’s ethos and across its partnership services. It’s great to hear that so many staff in the LMWS team have heard about coproduction. This national #CoProductionWeek, we are excited to help all staff feel more confident in engaging with it.

We offer coproduction training for all our current staff at LMWS and across all of Touchstone. If you are a current staff member,  please take a look through our training handbook to find out more. For those not working with Touchstone, we will be sharing key, accessible information about coproduction across our social media this week. Visit our Twitter handles below to find out more and join in the conversation!

Twitter: @Touchstone_Spt; @leedslgbtminds;@LMWS_NHS