Steph Calvert will be speaking at the Touchstone Leadership Masterclass on Wednesday 26th July 12noon to 2pm at Hillside, Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 8ND
Steph was born in 1958, and only realised she was officially a boy on seeing her first brother in the bath when she was two. Decades of confusion and distress followed, along with two suicide attempts, before she decided to attempt to live as the most masculine man possible. That didn’t work, and finally she accepted the inevitable and spoke to her closest friends, her doctor and her line manager. She was referred to Charing Cross, and has transitioned to the life she should have led from the start.
A frontline Customs (now Border Force) Officer for 36 years, she appeared in several fly-on-the-wall documentaries looking rather different to the way she does now. Her situation has meant that she has not had the option of a private and discreet transition, and she therefore chose to use her visibility to help others. She is the national lead for trans issues with the Home Office LGBT support network Spectrum, as well as a member of the steering group for the cross-public services trans support network a:gender. She has been involved in a number of Parliamentary forums involving diversity and equality, and delivers workshops nationwide on LGBT and gender equality.
In her spare time, she is a novelist (“Sussex Border Stories”), a slow cycle tourist, a polyglot linguist and an inadequate musician.