West Yorkshire Playhouse have just launched a guide for use by other theatres and touring companies on how to adapt shows to be more suitable for audiences who are living with dementia.
The guide covers areas such as use of language, making the case for dementia friendly performances, knowing your audience and  running creative sessions with audience members.
Members of Touchstone’s Hamaari Yadein dementia cafe have attended and enjoyed dementia friendly performances at the Playhouse and are featured in photographs throughout the guide.
West Yorkshire Playhouse have played a pioneering role in introducing dementia friendly performances. Their impact is summed up by blogger Wendy Mitchell‘I can no longer follow storylines and many would feel it was pointless to attend a performance. After attending Chitty Chitty Bang Bang my overwhelming emotion was one of happiness. I enjoyed the laughter, singing of familiar songs, but most of all I enjoyed being part of the experience. I encourage all theatres to follow West Yorkshire Playhouse’s lead and allow people with dementia to continue to experience that wonderful feeling that being part of an audience can bring.’
Read more on the West Yorkshire Playhouse website or download a free PDF copy of the guide.