Touchstone’s trustees are volunteers who have overall responsibility for Touchstone’s work and strategic direction. They come from a variety of backgrounds and generously donate their time to the organisation.

Jeremy Horsell
Jeremy HorsellChair

I joined the Board in 2014 and have been a member of the Finance and Development Committee from the outset. I am from a commercial background in the packaging and printing industries but – poacher turned gamekeeper – I have also had my own environmental consultancy specialising in the life cycle impacts of product design.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of trusteeship of such a dynamic and value-based organisation which places service users at the heart of all its activities. I have also developed a commitment to good governance and have led three Board reviews of our performance in this area.

I am passionate about mental health issues, recognising from my own lived experience the effect of addiction on mental health and families. And I love my home town of Leeds and Touchstone’s pioneering work within our communities.

It is my privilege now to be Chair of an excellent and committed Board of Trustees. The work of Touchstone, our commitment to its service users, and the outstanding staff who deliver our services is something of which we can all be very proud.

Janet Reynolds
Janet ReynoldsVice Chair and Chair of Operations and Quality Standards Committee

I have been a registered social worker for many years working predominantly in Adults services in hospitals and in the community. I am currently working at the University of Bradford and with the Open University as a Practice Learning Tutor on their social work degree courses, organising and supporting student social workers on placements. In this capacity, I have organised successful student placements at Touchstone and greatly value their contribution to social work education.

In addition, I am member of the national NICE/SCIE Guidance Development group on Social Care services for Older People with multiple long-term conditions, published in 2015, and currently a member of the NICE Guidance Development group working on Social Work interventions for Adults with Complex Needs.

Phil Gleeson
Phil GleesonVice Chair

After becoming ill in the 90s and enforced retirement, I decided to give it back to those who have helped me. Thus, I have volunteered within many areas of the third sector for over 25 years, which provided me with wealth of knowledge within health, social care and the NHS.

As an Engineer, I feel I can greatly contribute to Touchstone’s Board of Trustees through problem solving. In addition, I am the Touchstone Service User and also Coproduction champion, and my real passion is to ensure research involves the patient and therefore becoming grounded and true.

In order to support my role within the Board of Trustees, I am a member of Yorkshire and Humber National Institute for Health Research and I Chair the Better Lives Board for Adults and Health. Finally, I believe that my lived experience means I can ensure Patient and Public Involvement is true and coproduction is co not faux.

Finally, I strongly believe that we must live and let live; therefore, I do and always will champion LGBT.

Edgar Meyer
Edgar MeyerTrustee

I am currently Deputy Dean of Leeds University Business School and have two decades of experience in Higher Education. It’s an honour to be part of Touchstone and I hope that both my commercial and my subject expertise in HR and Leadership can support Touchstone in its work. After moving to the UK in the 1990s, I have worked at a number of different Universities across England.

I am passionate about supporting mental health services, as I have seen how important they are to our communities. I hope that my previous experience of Charity trusteeship for a local poverty charity can add value to our work at Touchstone.

Iwi Ugiagbe-Green
Iwi Ugiagbe-GreenTrustee

I am a professionally qualified accountant and an Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance division, at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. I worked in a wide range of management accounting, financial accounting and tax roles in the higher education sector before moving into accounting education 10 years ago.

I have a passion for social justice and a deep interest in supporting all members of society with their mental health and wellness. Mental illness has affected numerous members of my family and I think that it is important, particularly as a black woman, to help de-stigmatise and humanise mental illness within our communities.

I have formal responsibilities to support my students’ health and well-bring and believe that the challenging, yet immensely rewarding work that is undertaken in my role as a Trustee of this fantastic charity also helps me to do carry out my duties in this role with empathy and understanding.

Sue Timothy
Sue TimothyTrustee

I have over 16 years of Compliance and Regulatory experience spent across the Financial Services, Manufacturing (medical devices) and Government sectors and over 11 years’ experience in blue chip financial services companies, which equips me to offer an exceptional mix of knowledge and experience.

The ability to transcend from different environments demonstrates that I can swiftly adapt, absorb information enabling sound judgements at a strategic level. I am proficient in working with the FDA/FCA/FOS/MOJ and other regulatory bodies covering many areas of compliance. What I bring to Touchstone is utilising my work experience, and knowledge in the business sectors, to support the charity with its strategy and ambitions and be there as a touchpoint for progress and direction.

Sam Cheverton
Sam ChevertonTrustee

Sam has worked in various leadership roles within the charity sector for 20 years, specifically within the palliative and end of life care area.

She currently leads the Strategy and Impact function at Marie Curie, and has much experience in developing strategies, business planning and performance, measuring impact and evaluation. Equally she is experienced in operational management, service redesign, user involvement and income generation.

As well as being a strategic leader, Sam is also a registered nurse and has over 30 years’ experience of working in a healthcare environment.  Through this experience, she strongly believes that mental health and wellbeing services should be available and easily accessible for everyone, wherever and whenever they are needed.

Sam is delighted to have joined the Touchstone team, as she is passionate about help and support being delivered in local communities.

Solomy Chawatama
Solomy ChawatamaTrustee

I have over ten years work experience in healthcare system and Touchstone will benefit from my great knowledge and expertise amassed through supporting different people to achieve positive individual outcomes. To achieve this, my resolve is based on building good relationships with individuals – putting them at the core of all my practice and the ability to establish robust community networks that foster equal opportunities to the disadvantaged members of the society.

My competencies have evolved since I was a member of a Yorkshire and Humberside housing provider’s Compliance and Scrutiny Committee where I enhanced my accounting skills, employed analytic, decision-making and conflict resolution skills. I am currently studying towards a Masters’ degree in Social Work because of my passion of supporting, empowering and making a difference in people’s lives through recognising every individual’s uniqueness.

Overall, I have developed sound interpersonal communication and leadership skills that put me in high regard when advocating and championing Touchstone’s values of inclusive service provision.

Cllr Abigail Marshall Katung
Cllr Abigail Marshall KatungTrustee

Cllr Abigail Marshall Katung is an Elected Member in Leeds City Council. She’s Scrutiny Chair for Adults Health & Active Lifestyle, Lead Member for Faith & Religion, Chair of the Hate Crime Strategic Board, Chair of FE (14-19)25 Strategic Partnership Board and Food Champion.

Abigail has a Masters degree from the University of Leeds and is the first African to be elected on to the Leeds City Council in May 2019. She represents the Labour & Cooperative Party.  Abigail was recently elected on to the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Cooperative Party.

Abigail is the founder of her own medical & social care recruitment agency and managed it for 14 years before moving on to frontline politics advocating for social justice. Abigail has a very keen interest in mental health as she’s been a primary carer to a close family member suffering severe mental health.  “when asked to join the Touchstone Board, I didn’t think twice as it is an absolute delight to serve on the board”.

Abigail is an England Athletics coach and coaches U15 Boys and Girls. She specialises in sprinting at the Leeds City Athletics club. She enjoys running and raising funds for the Twins and Multiple Birth Association a Charity very close to her heart.

Tom Stanley
Tom StanleyTrustee

Tom is a local businessman and director of an IT Consultancy firm, Urban IT Support Ltd. As an entrepreneur, Tom has vast experience in strategic business growth, and is particularly knowledgeable in using technology to improve business performance and productivity. Equally, Tom is experienced in Information Governance compliance and GDPR, with active roles within the charitable sector and technology sector.

Likewise, having gained a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge, Tom has extensive knowledge in the practical skills needed to scale and grow organisations across the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. Tom feels this, combined with his IT knowledge, provides Touchstone with hands-on experience of how innovative technology can be used to grow, reach new service users, and deliver programmes and initiatives even more effectively, and is truly honoured to be a member of the board.

Stephen Baily
Stephen BailyTrustee

In a varied working career, Stephen has worked in senior management roles in both public and private companies and currently works for several organisations on a consultancy basis, specialising in financial assignments, coaching and mentoring.

A Chartered Accountant with Post Graduate Qualifications in Executive Coaching, he has a passion for developing people and works with individuals and teams to realise their potential. Additionally, he has over 10 years-experience delivering a range of training programmes improving financial awareness, knowledge and management in open course and organisational settings.

He values the opportunity to support Touchstone in its endeavours of providing outstanding work in the community.

Andrea Beever
Andrea BeeverTrustee

I have more than 20 years of experience working within mental health services, in a variety of roles from service provision, research and development to service user development work, activism and advocacy.

I believe strongly in providing every individual equal opportunity to have a voice to enable them to get their individual rights and needs met.

I have lived experience as a mental health service user and as a young carer for a family member and feel that this gives me a deep understanding of the challenges and struggles of being heard and finding the right support.

As such I very much support, and aim to continue to develop Touchstone’s commitment co-production and provision of needs-led services.