Healthy Ramadan Cookery Book by Ellen Rabia & Lena Meryem

14th April 2021|Categories: Blog|

Asalamu Alaikum everyone. I’ve compiled a few recipes and ideas for Ramadan to raise awareness about eating dishes that are healthy, ethical, wholesome, vegetarian, very tasty and also that can be made from seasonal and local sources with an added benefit of zero waste. It’s often thought that vegetarian food

*Potentially triggering blog* Raising awareness of maternal health disparities amongst Black Mothers

12th April 2021|Categories: Blog, Mental Health Awareness Week|

Black Maternal Health Week, April 11-17 2021, was established in the United States to raise awareness about the alarming rate at which Black mothers face life-threatening experiences while pregnant. In November 2020, the Joint Committee on Human Rights released a report titled Black People, Racism and Human Rights. At the time, it found black women were five

Trans Day of Visibility – Quenby Harley

31st March 2021|Categories: Blog, Trans Day of Visibility|

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility, and as a trans person I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I love to see trans experiences being shared, trans representation in my favourite shows, and more people seeing this and realising they're not alone. But in some ways we

Trans Day of Visibility – Anne Mansfield (Your Space)

31st March 2021|Categories: Blog, Trans Day of Visibility|

Transgender Day of Visibility was created by US-based transgender activist Rachel Crandall in 2009 as a day of positivity for the trans community.[1]  It aims to build resilience, uplift and inspire people through showcasing trans joy and celebrating gender non-confirming goodness.  It also helps raise awareness of trans issues and

Trans Day of Visibility – Finn Dobson

31st March 2021|Categories: Blog, Trans Day of Visibility|

My name is Finn, my pronouns are they/them, and I’m a Peer Support Worker with Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) and the Community Pain Service. I also happen to be transgender and non-binary (meaning my gender identity doesn’t fit within the binary categories of man and woman). When I came