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CREST Service Win National Positive Practice in Mental Health Award 2024

Touchstone are delighted to announce that our Community Rehabilitation Enhanced Support Team (CREST) have been awarded a National Positive Practice in Mental Health Award! They were recognized for their coproduction work in Rehabilitation and Recovery services. The team proudly work in partnership with NHS colleagues. Coproduction is a vital value at Touchstone – without it, no service can truly be responsive to the needs of the communities it serves.

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Launch of Here For You: Out of Hours Support in a Safe Space

On February 1st, Touchstone brought together our Safe Space and Well-Bean Crisis Cafes across West Yorkshire with one new name and updated look: Here For You, an out-of-hours service, offering face-to-face support for any of us who are feeling down or struggling to cope with our thoughts. Since first opening for 2 nights a week from Lincoln Green Community Centre in 2016, the Well-Bean Crisis Café service has grown

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Parent Mental Health Day

The period of planning, expecting, or caring for a new baby is often seen as one of happiness and excitement. In reality, many people can experience a range of mental health issues during this time, from anxiety and depression to PTSD and psychosis. On Parent Mental Health Day, our LMWS team have written the below blog to raise awareness of mental health challenges often experienced during the perinatal period

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Blue Monday 2024

We know that Blue Monday is a controversial date. But we know that January, and Winter, can be a particularly hard time for many. So today, we've put together a video of our lovely colleagues sharing some of the inspirational quote and ideas that get them through the darker days. Watch our video below for inspiration - we hope it brightens up your Monday just a little... 

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Winter Wellbeing Booklets 2023

Winter can be a challenging time for many of us. If you need support over the festive break, there are places that can help. Touchstone have put together Winter Wellbeing booklets for the different areas we work in. They contain information about mental health support, domestic violence and abuse support, other key support, free community meals, food and energy support, and more. Please click on the links below

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Launch of Being You Leeds

On Friday 7th July, third sector organisations will launch Being You Leeds, a new partnership to support people in Leeds to connect with others and stay well for longer. Being You Leeds will support Leeds residents, aged 16+, through three key ways: Running fun and welcoming wellbeing groups and activities, 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends, with activities chosen by group members. Providing training and awareness-raising sessions

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Insight Report: The Cost of Living Crisis in Leeds

In a newly released report, Mentally Healthy Leeds, a Touchstone service, have undertaken research into the effects of the Cost of Living Crisis on the mental health of people in Leeds. Read on to find out more… This research looks at the effects of the ‘Cost of Living’ crisis on the mental health of people in Leeds, as well as trying to understand what forms of support were effective

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Insight Report: Disability During The Pandemic

Mentally Healthy Leeds, a Touchstone service, have undertaken research into Disability In the Pandemic, asking "How has the pandemic specifically affected the lives and mental health of disabled people in Leeds?" Read on to find out more... This report looks into how disabled people have been particularly affected by the pandemic. We used a survey method to identify ways in which COVID and the policies and precautions associated with

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Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

This Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, our Perinatal Mental Health Lead, Katie, is here to raise awareness of perinatal mental health and help you find support.  Did you know 70% of those who experience mental health concerns during pregnancy and the 1st year of parenthood will hide and underplay their illness? This week is about raising awareness, reducing stigma, and changing that reality together. Learn more about perinatal mental

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Time to Talk Day 2023

Today is Time to Talk day 2023. To mark this day, Steph, who works in Mentally Healthy Leeds and as an Anti-Stigma Champion, has put together the following blog. Time to Talk Day began in 2011, when the then Time to Change launched a four-week television advertising campaign to promote its new slogan: "It's Time to Talk. It's Time to Change." The campaign was fronted by a number of

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