Touchstone are delighted to announce that our Community Rehabilitation Enhanced Support Team (CREST) have been awarded a National Positive Practice in Mental Health Award! They were recognized for their coproduction work in Rehabilitation and Recovery services. The team proudly work in partnership with NHS colleagues.

Coproduction is a vital value at Touchstone – without it, no service can truly be responsive to the needs of the communities it serves. The CREST team are doing such important work in continuing to embed coproduction in their work and ensuring the people they work with have a say in how they are supported.

As Ashley Robinson, the team’s Coproduction lead states:

“Congratulations to the whole team. I’m so proud to be a part of it and very grateful for the support I’ve received from you all.

Co-Production cannot happen unless everyone buys into the ethos and I can honestly say that CREST is leaning into it in the best possible way. I’m excited for our future and to work together on whatever that brings.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge that this award comes on the back of the excellent work of many people, including my predecessors.”

CREST staff stood in front of giant letters, reading PPIMH, to stand for Positive in Practice Mental Health awards, at the award ceremony.

CREST staff at the award ceremony.

A huge congratulations to the team for this prestigious recognition! We look forward to continued positive outcomes in the future.