Black History Month Poem by Enas

A Dream We call for freedom But She isn’t present today We scream loud like banshees But freedom didn’t live on our streets Painted like a dreamer on crack Addicted to optimism. But this Isn’t A dream And there is no rehab for nightmares When they follow you everywhere. Imprisoned Racists stealthily haunts us Like a cancerous tumour That takes your breath away Like Taeniasis Feeding Every breath you take

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Anti Racism Lending Library

Black History Month has sparked some great conversations about racism and white privilege during October. Some people have moved from conversation to action. Touchstone set up it’s own anti-racism library for staff as part of our BLM commitments, if you would like to support Danni’s campaign to set one up for people to borrow from in Leeds, here is the fundraising page -  

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Nicole’s Black History Month Vlog

For the last few months as part of the Black Lives Matter movement we have been having a lot of conversations, discussions and meetings about what this means to us as individuals and practitioners. Nicole Connor, Touchstone staff: “A few years ago I started my own journey of understanding and reflection on racism and white privilege. In the last few months amidst the murder of George Floyd and the resurgence

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How to cook Ackee and Saltfish with Mabel Stephenson for Black History Month Simone’s mum, Mabel Stephenson guides us through a cooking tutorial of Ackee and Saltfish, one of that national dishes of Jamaica. Since the pandemic Mabel has been using her love of cooking Caribbean food to bring something new to her local community and once a month does a ‘Cook up’ for neighbours on a nearby residential street. This monthly event has bought these neighbours closer together and has given

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#BlackHistoryMonth Blog by Paul Parker

My name Is Paul Parker, I’m a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy therapist with Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service, Touchstone. This is the first occasion that I have contributed towards Black History month. In previous years, I have dipped in and out of events as an observer but I haven’t known much about where the movement came from. I remember one year, as a family we enjoyed an African heritage based fashion show

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The Well-Bean Crisis Cafe World Mental Health Day 2020 Blog

THE WELL-BEAN CRISIS CAFÉ – HOPE IN A CRISIS LEEDS BLOG: OCTOBER 2020 – WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 10TH OCTOBER 2020 – (Written by Matthew Hall – LSLCS Crisis Support Worker at WBC) Saturday 10/10/20 marks World Mental Health Day, with the theme of the event this year being ‘mental health for all’ – and here at the Well Bean Café – we feel everyone should be able to access

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