The Power of Power In Co-Production

Our new Coproduction and Service User Involvement lead, Scotty, has written this blog on the power of power and the need to change unequal power dynamics in our organisations: It is very easy when working with Coproduction to go onto autopilot and become an evangelist under the pretext that everybody should understand your ethos and work this way. I forget that there is also a journey to get to a

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“There’s a Huge Gap in Services that Meet their Needs”: Touchstone’s BME Dementia Service Calls on ITV Calendar News

On Monday 8th August, Touchstone’s BME Dementia Service featured on ITV calendar news to call for more funding for BME-specific support and care for those living with dementia. Here is a summary of the report, with the full link below:   The segment includes clips from the service’s weekly Hamari Yaadain (Our Memories) support cafes for South Asian people living with dementia. The café runs in five South Asian languages,

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Perinatal Mental Health and Feeding Your Baby

To mark World Breastfeeding Week, Jayne, from Touchstone’s My Plan Perinatal Mental Health service, has put together some information on breast and chest feeding* and perinatal mental health. 20% of women are affected by mental illness either during pregnancy or in the 12 months after giving birth, which is known as the perinatal period. Many trans and non-binary parents, who may not identify as women, also report mental health changes

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Raising Awareness of Non-Visible Disabilities

July was Disability Pride Month. As July comes to an end and we enter August, some of Touchstone's staff and volunteers have shared their personal thoughts and experiences to raise awareness around non-visible disabilities and how others can offer better support. Before reading on, please note the following on the use of language within this blog: The phrase ‘non-visible disabilities’ is preferred by some people with disabilities that are not

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Love Parks Week: The Role of Parks in Mental Health Peer Support for Parents

This Love Parks Week 2022, the Coordinator of our Perinatal Mental Health Peer Supporter Alliance, Clare, has shared her thoughts on the importance of parks to parents' mental health. She has also co-ordinated some key info of park-based projects parents can get involved with across West Yorkshire: My daughter was born in early January.  It was cold and dark.  January often feels like a month with no hope – Will

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CoProduction should be a ‘professional function’ of an Organisation

Following Co-production Week, Scotty Bell, our new CoProduction and Service User Involvement Coordinator, has written about his role at Touchstone. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was typing away to introduce myself and my role at the last organization I worked at. But sometimes an opportunity comes up that matches your beliefs so much that I had to say, “How could I not want this opportunity?” So here I

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Getting Involved in Coproduction Work with Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Beth Stepan, the current Coproduction Coordinator at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) has written the following blog on how you can get involved in coproduction at LMWS:  The image explains what National Coproduction Week, the benefits of Coproduction and the opportunities to get involved, which is also written in text underneath. Why should you be involved in coproduction work? Coproduction increases the capacity and impact of public services. Service users

Staff and Volunteer Coproduction Awareness Survey 2022

Our Coproduction team at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) recently ran a Coproduction Awareness Survey to find out what LMWS staff know about coproduction and what they would like to learn more about. 77.8% of LMWS staff said that coproduction is discussed in the workplace – this is great to hear! 82.2% of LMWS staff were aware that coproduction is part of our offer in the service, although not

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Mental Health Awareness Week 9th – 15th May 2022

Produced by Katie Toulmin - Peer Support & Volunteer Development Worker Hi All, Following in the footsteps of our SLT team, I wanted to share my reflections around the topic of loneliness, particularly whilst living with persistent/chronic pain. (4) Mental Health Awareness Week - Chronic Pain and Loneliness - YouTube

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Mental Health Awareness Week 9th – 15th May 2022

Written by Quenby Harley - Community Health Development Analyst – Data & Intelligence.  Loneliness has always been difficult for me. While I enjoy time to myself as much as the next person, the feeling of being lonely or isolated is one of the main triggers for my depression. Building and maintaining connections to other people is absolutely crucial for my own mental wellbeing. It’s great to see this all too

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