Trans Day of Remembrance

At Touchstone, we believe everyone should be able to live full lives as their true selves. We know that this is only possible if we create environments where people are safe to do so. This Trans Day of Remembrance, we join the calls for a better world where trans people are truly safe to live as themselves. We know trans people in the UK have been living through a

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Happy Pride Month

Throughout June, Touchstone will be celebrating Pride Month. Our programme of events for staff contains a mix of fun, celebratory activities, alongside educational events aimed at raising awareness of how far we still have to go in ensuring everyone with LGBTQ+ identities can feel safe, valued, and respected in society. Our first event of the month has been to paint our bench at Touchstone House in the colours of

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Ace Awareness Week 2022 blog

This Ace Awareness Week, Ruth shares some things on what it means to them to be ace… Is there anything you’d like to share about what it means to you to be asexual? Being ace (which is short for asexual and is also the label I prefer to use) is a part of myself that I think I’ll always be learning more about, and there are lots of things

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Bi Visibility Day 2022

Today, on Bi Visibility Day, colleagues at Touchstone have shared what bi visibility means to them. Take a look below to explore our takes on bi visibility in all its complexity. For Rachel, from our LMWS team, bi visibility means challenging the erasure of bi people and emphasising that bisexuality is always there, regardless of relationship status. This is only my experience, I can’t speak for anyone else, but

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Getting Involved in Coproduction Work with Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Beth Stepan, the current Coproduction Coordinator at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) has written the following blog on how you can get involved in coproduction at LMWS:  The image explains what National Coproduction Week, the benefits of Coproduction and the opportunities to get involved, which is also written in text underneath. Why should you be involved in coproduction work? Coproduction increases the capacity and impact of public services. Service users

Touchstone ranks at 20th place on Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers List for LGBTQ+ people and achieves a Gold Award!

Touchstone places at 20 in Stonewall list of Top Employers for LGBTQ+ people Touchstone was also placed second in their sector and achieved a Gold Award for their commitment and efforts in continuing to be an LGBTQ+ employer. Stonewall’s Top 100 employers List ranks organisations on their efforts and commitment to creating welcoming environments for their lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer staff. Organisations are ranked by a set of

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Save the date: Leeds LGBT+ Minds Community Wellbeing Festival

Leeds LGBT+ Minds are excited to announce our Community Wellbeing Festival, co-hosted by Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service and Trans Leeds. The festival will take place both virtually and in-person (Covid restrictions permitting) between 29th November and 4th December 2021. Join us to share your experiences of using or needing mental health services and to talk about what mental wellbeing means to you. We want to hear your honest thoughts and

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LGBTQI+ Wellbeing Course

Humans Being are offering a free six-week online course for the Live Well Leeds LGBTQI+ Social Group. We have extra places available for the wider LGBTQI+ community. Join us for relaxed 90 Minute Sessions on: Self care - learning to put yourself first when you need to and treating your mind and body as if you were acting like your own best friend. Focusing on the positives in our lives

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This is me – LGBT+ History Month Poem

The tears run down my cheek. Another night I cry myself to sleep. Who am I? Why me? Here I go again. The wetness on my cheek. What is wrong with me? Am I male? Am I female? I really don’t know what to make of me. Wow she is petty. No that’s not right. I shouldn’t think that way. The big book, the man in the sky. They say

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