Throughout June, Touchstone will be celebrating Pride Month. Our programme of events for staff contains a mix of fun, celebratory activities, alongside educational events aimed at raising awareness of how far we still have to go in ensuring everyone with LGBTQ+ identities can feel safe, valued, and respected in society.

Our first event of the month has been to paint our bench at Touchstone House in the colours of the Progress Pride Flag. In the first week of Pride Month, our LGBTQ+ staff network (plus allies in the shape of our CEO and Deputy CEO) came down to help paint the bench in the glorious sunshine. Take a look below for the brilliant bench in various stages of progress.

And please keep an eye on our social media for more updates about what our LGBTQ+ staff network and allied staff have been up to throughout June!

From all of us at Touchstone, we wish you a very happy, peaceful and safe Pride Month, full of solidarity and joy.

Photographs of our brilliant Progress Pride Flag Bench at Touchstone House!