LMWS Coproduction Network – Mental Health Awareness Week

This Mental Health Week, LMWS Coproduction Coordinator Beth shares her own experiences around getting mental health support and how you can join the Coproduction Network to make positive changes to mental health systems in Leeds. During Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 – and every other week! – Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service Coproduction Network are considering our own experiences with mental health difficulties. I’ve struggled with my mental health in

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Launch of Impact Reports for Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service’s Inclusion Team

Our Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service's (LMWS) Inclusion Team have released impact reports on their last year of coproduction and peer support work. Drawing on all their work with volunteers, service users and members of the public, their reports highlight their achievements in improving mental health systems across Leeds and their vision for continuing this positive work in the upcoming year. Click the links below to find out more about

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The Power of Power In Co-Production

Our new Coproduction and Service User Involvement lead, Scotty, has written this blog on the power of power and the need to change unequal power dynamics in our organisations: It is very easy when working with Coproduction to go onto autopilot and become an evangelist under the pretext that everybody should understand your ethos and work this way. I forget that there is also a journey to get to a

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CoProduction should be a ‘professional function’ of an Organisation

Following Co-production Week, Scotty Bell, our new CoProduction and Service User Involvement Coordinator, has written about his role at Touchstone. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was typing away to introduce myself and my role at the last organization I worked at. But sometimes an opportunity comes up that matches your beliefs so much that I had to say, “How could I not want this opportunity?” So here I

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Getting Involved in Coproduction Work with Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Beth Stepan, the current Coproduction Coordinator at Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) has written the following blog on how you can get involved in coproduction at LMWS:  The image explains what National Coproduction Week, the benefits of Coproduction and the opportunities to get involved, which is also written in text underneath. Why should you be involved in coproduction work? Coproduction increases the capacity and impact of public services. Service users

Co-production is ‘language of the system’, Touchstone CEO says – with Arfan Hanif

In May 2022 Arfan Hanif was involved in a national panel discussion on Co-production with number of national Charity leaders in attendance. Arfan stated: "When we say that co-production is an equal relationship – no it isn’t. We’re there to serve our communities. They’re the leaders – so that’s the reason I don’t like the term co-production, because it’s the language of the system" Please follow the link below, to

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Charity Awards Roundtable: Better by co-design

A few months ago, Arfan was involved in a national roundtable discussion hosted by the Civil Society discussing 'Co-Design' and 'Co-Production' and what these terms mean in reality. See below an excerpt from the article: After this year’s Charity Awards, Charity Finance invited a group of charities whose applications highlighted their commitment to co-production and co-design to share their experiences and learning. Tania Mason listened in. A strong theme that

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Leeds Coproduction Conference 2020 pre-recorded webinars

Click on the links below to see the pre-recorded presentations. WEST YORKSHIRE FINDING INDEPENDENCE (WY-FI) – ROAD 2 RECOVERY EXHIBITION A co-produced arts exhibition about experiences of homelessness, addiction, reoffending and mental health. Presented by: West Yorkshire Finding Independence   COPRODUCTION IN COMPLEX REHABILITATION A short presentation on the process and challenges of using coproduction in a complex rehabilitation environment. Presented by: John Kerslake and Sofia Haouar, Complex Rehabilitation

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Leeds Coproduction Conference – Wednesday 8th July, 2020

It’s with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to participate in our 5th Coproduction Conference for Leeds on 8th July! This year we will have a virtual conference, due to the restrictions currently imposed as a result of COVID-19. On the day, there will be a mix of groups, presentations, webinars and creative space to make the day fun, interactive and, of course, coproduced! There will

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