CoProduction should be a ‘professional function’ of an Organisation

Following Co-production Week, Scotty Bell, our new CoProduction and Service User Involvement Coordinator, has written about his role at Touchstone. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was typing away to introduce myself and my role at the last organization I worked at. But sometimes an opportunity comes up that matches your beliefs so much that I had to say, “How could I not want this opportunity?” So here I

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Safeguarding and Coproduction – #SafeguardingWeek

Jim Leyland (Touchstone's Operations Director – Inclusion) talks about the work Touchstone does to ensure adequate safeguarding for our clients and their communities. I am really excited in Safeguarding Week to share the work we have been doing at Touchstone with Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board. We were asked to contribute a service user voice to the new Leeds Safeguarding Adults policy and procedure. Colleagues from the board, including the chair of

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After the NHS – a CHS?

The election is finally behind us. The Labour Party had most of the eye-catching policies – and community businesses could provide the next big idea, writes our guest blogger Bill Graham from New Wortley. (This blog was originally published on the Power to Change website). One of the ideas was to turn the education system into an NES – or national education service. I suppose some of the thinking behind this

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