#BlackHistoryMonth Blog by Paul Parker

My name Is Paul Parker, I’m a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy therapist with Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service, Touchstone. This is the first occasion that I have contributed towards Black History month. In previous years, I have dipped in and out of events as an observer but I haven’t known much about where the movement came from. I remember one year, as a family we enjoyed an African heritage based fashion show

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The Well-Bean Crisis Cafe World Mental Health Day 2020 Blog

THE WELL-BEAN CRISIS CAFÉ – HOPE IN A CRISIS LEEDS BLOG: OCTOBER 2020 – WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 10TH OCTOBER 2020 – (Written by Matthew Hall – LSLCS Crisis Support Worker at WBC) Saturday 10/10/20 marks World Mental Health Day, with the theme of the event this year being ‘mental health for all’ – and here at the Well Bean Café – we feel everyone should be able to access

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Why music is important to me by Martin for World Mental Health Day 2020

The reason behind why I feel music is important is I see it as a massive lifesaver throughout the ups and downs of my life and a major beneficial factor towards helping me to remain focused and overcome the battles I have faced. The other big reason for why I feel music is vital to me is that I feel if I’m having a ‘off day‘ whether that be due

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What does Black History Month 2020 mean to me?

My name is Debbie Roe, I’m a psychotherapist working for the mental health charity and 3rd Sector voluntary organisation Touchstone Leeds in partnership with the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service. I’ve worked for Touchstone for over almost 10 years. When I joined I knew it was a diverse and forward looking organisation. I didn’t know however just how transformative it would be for me personally to work there. As a white

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A journey to my roots

Earlier this year pre-pandemic my husband brought me a birthday gift. It was something i’d given heavy hints about and was pleased that he’d actually listened, remembered and purchased the thing that I wanted. This spared him my look of feigned appreciation (which i’m not very good at), so it would have just been blatant disappointment. Phew, we were both spared. The gift was a DNA test! Yay!! Now to

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Shafa – Understanding and compassion is helping South Asian offenders get back on the right track.

Touchstone’s Shafa project helps BAME offenders to rehabilitate by using skilled case workers with lived experience. Critically they know the language of the offenders and are of the same community. This enables trust to be developed in a way that might be difficult for a Probation Officer, and Shafa provides an invaluable resource for the Probation Service to turn to. Asif (not real name) was convicted of a first time

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