Asexual Awareness Week Blog

Asexuality can mean different things for different people. You can be asexual and find sex disgusting. You can be asexual and find it to be on par with doing the laundry. You can even be asexual and have lots of sex! As for me, not until I had spent a month in my first well-established relationship, did I look at a person and think “Oh yeah! I’d have sex with

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Potentially triggering blog about Black Maternal Health Awareness Week

Black maternal health awareness week runs from 13-18th September 2021 and is dedicated to raising awareness about the disparities in maternal outcomes for Black women and birthing people. It was founded in 2020 by Five X More [footnote 1], “a grassroots organisation committed to changing Black women's maternal health. Black Women and birthing people in the UK are four times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth [footnote 2].

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Touchstone Loves Food initiative, the charity’s open and trusting culture, and the power of really listening.

Touchstone is a mental health and wellbeing charity that specialises in eliminating health inequalities in underserved and marginalised communities, including Black African, Caribbean and South East Asian communities, refugees and asylum seekers, and LGBTQI+  groups across West and South Yorkshire. The Leeds-based charity not only delivers vital services to meet these groups’ mental health and wellbeing needs but uses its expertise to amplify the voices of vulnerable groups with service

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Delivery of wellbeing kits to Sikh Elders service users

Everyone has and are still going through their own Covid-19 pandemic journey. To support Sikh Elders Service Users the Team delivered over forty Wellbeing Kits during the month of April 2021. I could always sense the Service User’s loneliness and isolation during the regular phone calls I made to check up on their wellbeing. The same question “When are you opening up CDC sessions again?”, “When can we meet up

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How To Practice Using They/Them Pronouns

This blog is about pronouns, and it will include a game to practice using they/them pronouns.  You can read our Pronouns 101 blog here to find out more about pronouns. Example of she/her pronouns: I went to see a horror film with Sarah. She jumped at all the scary bits so it’s a good job I went with her.  After the film, Sarah drove us home in her car and

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Pronouns 101 Click on the video above to listen to the audio version of the below blog. What are gender identity, gender expression and biological sex? Gender identity is an individual’s sense of their own gender. Their internal sense of being a man, a woman, both, neither, something in between, or something else entirely, irrespective of their biological sex. Gender expression refers to the way a person shows their gender externally,

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Global Day of Parents 2021

To mark this years Global Day Of Parents Bradford’s Stronger Families WhatsApp wellbeing group wanted to share some reflections around ‘Good Enough’ parenting. Instead of focussing on good parenting versus bad parenting, we shone the spotlight on good enough parenting. Just like there is no such thing as the perfect child, we discussed how there is no such thing as the perfect parent, after all children aren’t born with a

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What is the future of work for charities?

This podcast is sponsored by charity technology partner Blackbaud Europe. Their fundraising CRM software supports over 1,500 charities in the UK, while JustGiving from Blackbaud powers the digital fundraising of over 26,000 good causes that have raised £4 billion since 2001. Although life is returning (somewhat) to normal, our working practices are still a grey area. Some charities continue to work from home full-time. Others are embracing the office once again.

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Stronger Families celebrate International Day of Families

The Stronger Families team created a video to promote International Day of Families on 15thMay 2021. Katie introduces the reasons why it's important to raise awareness of this day, then in celebration, staff members and parents discussed some of their families traditions.   Background of the day During the 1980's, the United Nations began focusing attention on issues related to the family. In 1983, based on the recommendations of

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Black Inclusion Week: Roberto Ira Rose – RAF Recruits

My father Roberto (Robbie) Ira Rose, born in Cuba to Jamaican parents, grew up in Summerfield in the parish of Clarendon in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica. Despite having a job in Kingston, he, together with his childhood friend Carl Chantrielle, decided to volunteer to support the war effort. They both joined the RAF in 1943 and would have been about 18 or 19 when they embarked on this life-changing

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