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Parent Mental Health Day

The period of planning, expecting, or caring for a new baby is often seen as one of happiness and excitement. In reality, many people can experience a range of mental health issues during this time, from anxiety and depression to PTSD and psychosis. On Parent Mental Health Day, our LMWS team have written the below blog to raise awareness of mental health challenges often experienced during the perinatal period

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Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

This Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, our Perinatal Mental Health Lead, Katie, is here to raise awareness of perinatal mental health and help you find support.  Did you know 70% of those who experience mental health concerns during pregnancy and the 1st year of parenthood will hide and underplay their illness? This week is about raising awareness, reducing stigma, and changing that reality together. Learn more about perinatal mental

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Baby Loss Awareness Week: Support Services that Can Help

This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week. We know that so many people, including many at Touchstone, have experienced losing a baby, whether in pregnancy or shortly afterwards. To mark this, Yasmin, from our My Plan Perinatal Mental Health service, has put together some information about how they can support people who have experienced baby loss. Baby Loss Awareness Week is held annually to specially mark the loss of

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Blog for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022 (9-15 October 2022)

As Baby Loss Awareness Week reaches its 20th year, a Touchstone staff member, Liz, wanted to share her experience of baby loss. Baby Loss Awareness Week is an opportunity to bring people who have been affected by losing a baby together as a community to share their experiences and feel less alone. If you would like support or to find out how to get support, please read on. Content

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Perinatal Mental Health and Feeding Your Baby

To mark World Breastfeeding Week, Jayne, from Touchstone’s My Plan Perinatal Mental Health service, has put together some information on breast and chest feeding* and perinatal mental health. 20% of women are affected by mental illness either during pregnancy or in the 12 months after giving birth, which is known as the perinatal period. Many trans and non-binary parents, who may not identify as women, also report mental health

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Love Parks Week: The Role of Parks in Mental Health Peer Support for Parents

This Love Parks Week 2022, the Coordinator of our Perinatal Mental Health Peer Supporter Alliance, Clare, has shared her thoughts on the importance of parks to parents' mental health. She has also co-ordinated some key info of park-based projects parents can get involved with across West Yorkshire: My daughter was born in early January.  It was cold and dark.  January often feels like a month with no hope –

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