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Live Well Leeds Volunteering

Live Well Leeds is a mental health support service who work with adults aged 18+ who have mild to moderate mental health support needs. They deliver a range of services that include one to one support, group support, peer support, befriending and volunteering opportunities. All services are based around recovery, maintaining wellbeing and social inclusion. Live Well Leeds is formed by 16 organisations, including Touchstone as a key partner.

Being You Leeds – Group Volunteer

PLEASE NOTE: Our opportunities are for a minimum of 6 month commitment. Our volunteers help facilitate our wellbeing focused groups and activities while learning and developing their leadership skills. From crafts to music to walking to board games, we have a whole host of groups and activities aimed at reducing social isolation in the Leeds community. What do group volunteers do? Work with our staff to put on fun

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Being You Leeds – Anti-Stigma Champion

PLEASE NOTE: Our opportunities are for a minimum of 6 months and we do not provide student placements.  Anti-Stigma Champions are people with lived experience of mental health conditions who campaign to change the way people think and act about mental health. Research shows that the best way to change attitudes is through conversation. When we share our experiences, we can change attitudes and behaviours. What do Champions do?

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Sikh Elders Service Volunteer

Sikh Elders Service provides opportunities to benefit the social, physical and  mental well being of Punjabi speaking elders in Leeds.  Sikh Elders Service has a valued team of committed volunteers who spend some of their spare time furthering the work of the service.  You can volunteer from home or in person, Sikh Elders Service Users attend Cha Da Cup on a Monday for a cup of tea, lunch,  physical

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