In Leeds the current local authority funded mental health services have been the same for a long time. The commissioner for all of these services has asked them to work together more closely to improve the way we support people who need help with their mental health. Touchstone is delighted and excited to be leading a new partnership. Existing mental health services commissioned by Leeds City Council delivered by Touchstone, Community Links and Leeds Mind will end 31st March 2019.
The new service will have one name, one number, one referral form and there will be a new website for the service when it goes lives 1st April 2019. You will be able to refer into the service a number of different ways by phone, email, via the website, posting completed referrals and in person. Touchstone will be the lead provider of this new mental health service and will be working with 18 other organisations Community Links, Leeds Mind,  Basis, Gate, BID, St. Georges Crypt, Carers Leeds, Leeds Irish Health and Homes, Oblong, New Wortley Community Centre, LS14 Trust, Health 4 All, Hyde Park Source, Getaway Girls, Shantona, BHA, Space 2 and Advonet.
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