Update on Community Wellbeing Connectors, 25th March 2024

We are now open again for referrals.

The Community Wellbeing Connector (CWC) Service at Touchstone serves the HATCH area of Leeds; Burmantofts, Chapeltown, Harehills and Richmond Hill.

Within the national guidance for the Community Mental Health Transformation, Community Wellbeing Connector roles are a key part of the new model, helping bridge gaps between people and support in their communities.

Our purpose is to work with people to promote mental health and wellbeing, increase their independence and support their recovery.

The Community Wellbeing Connectors work with those with ongoing and complex Severe Mental Illness (SMIs). We support people to consider and navigate the different types of community support available to them. We also offer practical support, i.e. accompanying people to activities/assessments if needed.

Community Wellbeing Connector’s Referral Guidance

For professionals who make contact with us, we will send a short referral form back to begin the process of supporting the person referred. Referrals can be made through registered GP practices, Primary Care Mental Health Teams (PCMHs), Social Prescribing Services or Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) in the ‘HATCH’ area.

For any other professionals interested in discussing a potential referral, please make contact with the team using the details provided.

We do not accept self-referrals. However, if you think this is a service that you or someone you know would benefit from, please speak with a registered GP practice or a health care professional about a potential referral.

Examples of people suitable for Community Wellbeing Connector referral:

  • People who are on the SMI register
  • People with ongoing severe/complex mental health issues
  • People transitioning from Community Mental Health Teams to Primary Care Mental Health
  • Redirected referrals from secondary care services
  • The above plus people who may benefit from longer term support and/or where talking therapies are not appropriate at that time

Examples of people not suitable for Community Wellbeing Connector referral.

  • People who are already accessing/waiting for Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service therapies
  • People with mild/moderate mental health issues that can be managed with Primary Care Mental Health
  • People needing urgent crisis support (refer to Single Point of Access).


We are currently open to referrals

Get in Touch

Please use this email for any contact: hatchcwc.lypft@nhs.net

Contact Names:

Rachael Jones (Community Wellbeing Connector)

Suzanne Browne (Community Wellbeing Connector)

Colin O’Loan (Service Manager): 07760 173503 (available Tues-Fri)

Touchstone Office number: 0113 271 8277