We provide Peer Support to people that have been referred to CRISS, working in partnership with the NHS, to support those who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

CRISS provides intensive support as an alternative to hospital for those experiencing a mental health crisis. Service users are referred to CRISS if they need urgent mental health support and interventions to help their recovery at home.

As CRISS peer support workers, we use a person-centred approach and the sharing of lived experience of mental health challenges to help others on their recovery journeys through listening and empathy.

How will a Peer Support Worker help me?

Working with a peer support worker can be through face-to-face visits at home or another location or telephone and video calls. These sessions can last up to 6 weeks and involve regular contact with the same peer support worker throughout.

During these sessions we can offer support in the following ways: 

  • The sharing of lived experience
  • Listening and emotional support
  • A space where you can feel accepted and understood
  • Coping strategies
  • Introduce you to ideas other people have found helpful
  • Relapse prevention work
  • Signposting to further support
  • An individual and empathetic approach
  • Creative activities
  • Walks in nature/getting outside
  • Learning to manage your health and wellbeing better

How do referrals work? 

All referrals for peer support are received through the NHS Intensive Support Service who work in partnership with the hospital, police, GPs and social services. It is not possible to self-refer.


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Martin Bishop – Peer Support Coordinator (CRISS, Inpatient Discharge, Emerge)



“I found it really useful talking with someone who had a personal understanding of what I was going through”

Past Service Users Experiences of CRISS, -

“Taught me skills that I can use on my own that gave me confidence in my own ability to change my mindset and mood”

Past Service Users' Experiences of CRISS, -

“Made me feel empowered and I gradually gained confidence”

Past Service Users' Experiences of CRISS, -