About a year ago, a group of people drawn from Leeds University, Leeds Partnerships Foundation Trust, South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust and others (including Touchstone, Altogether Better and User Voice ) came together to think about how Health Services in Leeds could be thought about, designed and delivered co-productively. We wanted to find ways of working more collaboratively – where people who use health services and people who provide those services could help each other get healthier and work more effectively.
This group of people became known as The Hub. Our intention has been to look at how to design ways to make collaboration easier, and more effective. The Leeds Hub ran its first engagement event in the City on the 14th October where more than 100 citizens (people who use services) met with 90 people who work in and commission Substance Use services, to explore what works, why, and how we can do a better job in the future. You can see what we did at our new project website www.leedshubnetwork.co.uk – which also includes footage of Touchstone’s Rosslyn Medford, Senior Services Manager.
We are now working on supporting the action groups that formed and the website will be updated as this work progresses.