This Autumn sees the first Love Arts Leeds festival , organised by Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust celebrating mental health in all its forms. Touchstone’s Guerilla Badge Makers will be popping up all over the city, encouraging people to think about the labels we wear – the ones we choose for ourselves and the ones that sometimes others choose for us.
By  encouraging people attending the vast array of events to make their own badges, the Guerrilla Badge makers hope to spread a positive message about being proud of who you are, and the way you tell your story to the world. We like the sound of a world where everyone is free to choose their own labels.
The stall will be staffed by people who use Touchstone’s services, as well as volunteers and staff. Please, do not pay any attention to the hurtful rumours that this is an excuse to get free entry into the gigs by Ruby Wax, Jon Ronson and Dr Phil Hammond. The thought never even entered our heads. Honest.
See you there