• “Other people have noticed a big difference in me. I am a lot happier, they can’t believe the change.”
  • “I enjoyed the whole course! Got a lot of ways of releasing stress, it’s helped with anxiety issues a lot. Also about thinking positively and I’ve been more confident.”
  • “The experience of this course has been priceless. The information is useful but the experience has been life-changing.”

A free seven-week course coming soon to:

find your strengths, meet new people and get new perspectives. In a small group, we will learn different techniques that will help you manage your mood, including assertiveness, getting good sleep, self-esteem, dealing with stress and relaxation.
When: Wednesday 25th October 10am-12.00 for 7 weeks
Where: Windmill Youth Centre, Marsh Street, Rothwell, LS26 0AG
This course has been established in partnership with Connect for Health and is run by Oblong. For more information or to book your place please call 0113 387 6380