It may not be quite the Tour de France, but a 22 mile tandem ride is no mean feat. And doing it to raise money for charity is even better. Here’s the story of Senior Opertions Manager Gemma Hornby and Finance Director Ed Long’s ride…
The pre-launch event: Touchstone’s Alison Lowe is flanked by Christian Prudhomme (Tour de France) and Gary Verity (Welcome to Yorkshire)
The riders – Gemma Hornby and Ed Long.
The aim: to raise money in support of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Stage 1

Staff at the Kirklees Advocacy Service in Dewsbury wish the riders well for their journey.
Spectators at Touchstone House await the riders’ arrival.
The first rest break – Ed and Gemma arrive at Touchstone House, Beeston.
The Housing Team welcome them in.
Ed shares a moment with his colleagues from the Finance Team.

Stage 2

The bike’s the star – a brief stop off at Leeds Town Hall.
A stylish supporter at the IAPT offices.

Stage 3

Tandem riding is all about cooperation, but the team had to compete on the Community Development Service’s jigsaw challenge.

Stage 4

A warm welcome at CST on Buslingthorpe Lane.
La Cuisine Francaise – refreshments at the Community Support Team office.

Stage 5

Support Centre staff prepare the finishing line.
The welcoming committee.
Ed and Gemma reach the finishing line.
Glad to have made it.
Quite a crowd celebrating the successful completion of the ride.
Some well earned refreshments.