From the 1st April 2012, if you have an individual keyworker with a Touchstone service you will find that your records will be kept on a new computer system called PSOCC. This new system is password protected, kept safe behind a computer firewall and only open to staff who work for Touchstone that have a right to see your details. The information is stored securely and like your current written files you will be entitled to see it upon request and after giving reasonable notice.
There are several ways that you could learn more about this system:

We believe the software will have several benefits that will help us to improve our services and to demonstrate how good our support is:

  • Greater ability to respond to requests for help quickly
  • A quicker more informed approach to dealing with enquiries
  • Clear reports that show who uses our services and how successful those services are in helping people
  • Less time spent on admin and more time spent helping people
  • Greater ability for staff to work flexibly

This change should not affect your confidentiality or privacy, and should help us to help you more effectively. If you would like to know more, please contact your support worker. Do get in touch, if you have any questions.