Perinatal Mental Health Peer Supporter Alliance is a group made up of individuals and organisations. We have an interest in continuing and improving Peer Support around perinatal mental health, in Leeds, by bringing everyone together and working in partnership. Peer supporters have lived experiences, making them an invaluable source of support for all parents in the perinatal period. We want to ensure parents can find accessible, safe and consistent, peer support.  For this to happen, peer supporters, themselves must be supported, and have access to clear and inclusive training resources.

The alliance is likened to a jigsaw; everyone has different strengths and experiences, and by helping each other and sharing knowledge, each organisation becomes more robust. Peer support in Leeds, in perinatal mental health, is becoming much more substantial, day by day. So far, alliance members have gotten to know of each other and similar organisations. All have collaborated by sharing knowledge and experiences as well as training offers, activities and wellbeing sessions. The alliance is a source of support and a place for peer supporters to improve their skills and practise.

Due to the current pandemic, there has been a focus on keeping peer support running throughout the lockdown. As an alliance, we are working together to ensure parents can still access peer support, whether that is face-to-face or through digital means. Alliance members have helped each other to become COVID secure, completing risk assessments and adhering to the government guidelines. Each [virtual] meet, brings new ideas on how to improve peer support in Leeds, and we have great things planned for the next six months.