We are delighted to announce that the Action Research project “Understanding refugees’ and asylum seekers’ (RAS) experiences of accessing and receiving Mental Health support in Leeds” has started on 26th September 2011.
The objective of this project is to explore and develop understanding on what successful MH work looks like with RAS clients inside and outside mental health services inLeeds. We hope to support the improvement of MH services by getting workers and service users exploring together mental health outcomes for RAS clients with mental health problems.
As part of our Action Research project we plan to run a series of Action learning meetings because this process permits individuals to work collaboratively in small groups to create solutions that will lead to better outcomes across themental health sector in Leeds.We plan to recruit participants for 3 groups:

  1. MH Services Managers/Practitioners who are involved in delivering MH support toRAS clients.
  2. RAS MH Service users who meet the criteria of existing MH services
  3. RAS who do not meet the criteria of existing MH services

The main outcome will be the final report with recommendations about clearer andmost effective care pathways leading to better outcomes for RAS clients as well as delivering effective support with substantial cost savings.
Dzmitry Karpuk is a new Action Researcher that is conducting this project in collaboration with Touchstone and PAFRAS. He can be contacted by phone: 0113 284880 or email: dzmitry.touchstone@gmail.com