To celebrate the International Day of Older Persons, Sikh Elders Service came together with Cathy (a massage therapist working on the Positive Care Programme) and East St. Arts to provide some of their most frail and elderly service users with a few hours of relaxation and creative enjoyment.
The celebration took the place of the Cha Da Cup tea and chat social group on a Thursday morning, where service users enjoy seeing one another over a cuppa and take part in activities such as yoga and sharing and documenting their stories.
“I loved the massage. I feel very relaxed – thank you for taking the time for us here today,” said Mrs Amar Kaur.
The arts activity was the first of six sessions being delivered by East St. Arts around memories and life stories, designed very much in the spirit of the day to celebrate the achievements and interesting life stories many of the group like to share. Kerry, the artist facilitating the sessions worked with service users to produce an idea for a wall hanging made up of individual pieces of art the group will produce over the next few weeks.
Service users enjoyed an Indian vegetarian meal and eggless cake to finish off the morning in true Sikh Elders and Touchstone style (we all love samosas and cake).