At Touchstone we know how important people’s privacy is, and we want to make sure everyone knows what information we gather as well as how we use information.

Cookie Monster image courtesy of Google
When you came to the website just now, you probably noticed a little message on the bottom left hand side of the screen talking about “cookies”. This is because of recent changes to UK law regarding internet privacy. These changes require all website that gather information (even anonymous information) about who visits them, they have to tell people  that this is happening and how this information will be used.
These changes came into force on 26th May 2012 – so you’ll probably have noticed lots of websites telling you about cookies since then.
We have written a short guide to how Touchstone uses Privacy and Cookies, and you can find that here. Importantly, we have also included information on how you can stop websites from tracking you.
If you are very interested you can find out exactly what the Information Commisisoner’s Office said, there’s  more detailed information here, and if you are really really worried about your digital footprint (or the information you give away over the internet) and how you might manage your information better, this Wikipedia article is a good starting point.