Touchstone Housing Services were re-modelled in 2011-12 following the successful closure of Sholebroke Hostel. This led to an expansion of Touchstone’s Floating Support Service (now supporting 84 units) and the development of a new and improved ‘Accommodation Based Service’ which offers temporary supported and furnished accommodation in single tenancies across Leeds. (one of the very few supported housing services that offer self contained and supported tenancies in Leeds)
Floating Support Service:
 In Quarter 1 Service Utilisation exceeded 100% again with a continued high demand for the service. 97% of service users established or maintained independent living (as a % of all users in the quarter).
 Accommodation Based Service:
 Q1 has seen excellent utilisation figures at 98.5% which means there were only 4 void property weeks in the whole quarter for all our 26 managed properties (a record!)
The service also achieved 100% Planned move-ons this quarter and continues to receive high numbers of referrals.
 Both services continue to work in partnership with the Hospital Discharge Panel and successful placements have been offered to those needing support and accommodation on leaving hospital.
 Exciting and challenging times lie ahead with the exploration of a potential merger with Leeds Mind and the opportunity to be part of a Leeds Consortium bidding for the new Floating Support Service in Leeds!