As the modern workplace becomes increasingly stressful and demanding, employers are looking for new ways to support their staff to stay well, motivated and positive.
Touchstone’s new Workplace Wellbeing service is designed to do just that. Combining workshops such as managing stress, looking after your body, maintaining your energy levels along with a comprehensive range of complementary therapies, the results are impressive.
Staff not only feel valued and cared for by their employer but they also learn essential ways to keep them well and performing in the workplace. “for me it was a 10/10 experience” – recent participant
Fiona Venner, Manager at Dial House recommends the service saying “Definitely – it is a cost effective way to something which has a big impact – the team really appreciated it. It is a lovely way to reward and nurture staff….and I was impressed with the high level of professionalism which the service offered.”
Richard Garland, IAPT team manager says, “The Workplace Wellbeing sessions have made an immense contribution to giving the team the focus and the tools to stay well over the year. Investing in this resource gives the team recognition for all their hard work and commitment and it’s a way of the organisation looking after them and I know they come away feeling that the organisation cares for them which really increases motivation and productivity”
To find out more and see how this could work for your organisation contact Hannah on 07584 644273 or email