Happiness is waking up warm and not having to get up.

Happiness is spending time with friends, not worrying about things, going on holiday, being creative, doing nice things for other people, being happy and content with ourselves.

Happiness is being yourself.

Happiness is the journey not the destination.

Happiness is knowing I contribute.

Happiness is being knackered after the game, sweaty and breathless, but joyful, knowing your team were amazing at working together and went full out to get the best score possible!

Happiness is time spent with family and friends.

Happiness is at the top of a big hill.

Happiness is a hug.

Happiness is watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Happiness is a morning playing monsters and dens in bed with my son and partner… or at the bottom of a tub of ice cream… or the tiny bit of wee that comes out when I’m laughing too hard with friends!

Happiness is spending time with my husband and daughter, talking and sharing laughs and smiles. 

Happiness is feeling in balance across my life.

Co-written by Touchstone IAPT Survey Network