Juana Kwok from Touchstone Support Centre talks about being there for a neighbour who’s husband is developing dementia.

“I’ve seen you around the garden trimming your beautiful flowers.”

“I tried not to disturb you.”

“Ooh, please do.”

“How are you?”

“Yes, I am fine, thank you.”

“How’s Joe…”

“He’s not so good, he’s getting worse, he tends to be more forgetful, he wore his winter clothes on a warm day, he was going up and down searching for his house keys the other day and I told him that he didn’t bring me flower for my birthday. He insisted on yes, I brought you flowers the other day.”
She couldn’t hold her tears anymore and said he’s not the husband that she knew. She was really upset, what can I do as a neighbour/friend?
I do believe that no matter where we are, far or near, we should be a blessing for those people who we come in contact with.
I haven’t done much for her, I just listen to her, I only spend little time with her when we see each other in the street, I sometimes shed a few tears with her and I feel the pain for her when I realise that her loved one is living with dementia.

“Honestly I wouldn’t mind to do more for you, if I can be help.”

“Let’s go for an afternoon tea one of these days.”

“Yeah, it will be great.”

“Is Tuesday afternoon good for you?”

“Yes, great…”

“The little that I’ve done, I hope it means something to you.”

“Yes, definitely, good neighbours are worth their weight in gold.”