We can easily reach for a drink of alcohol to try and change the way that we feel, this is because alcohol can quickly affect the chemicals in our brain and body. We may feel like it is relaxing us at the time, but what we know from a wealth of research; is that alcohol can actually become an unhelpful way to cope.
Alcohol can increase levels of stress, impact on mood and increase risk of panic attacks. So, although it can have a temporary effect, alcohol can actually cause problems in the long term. 
If you have noticed that your alcohol intake has increased, there are a number of options of accessing support. If you need specialised support in addressing your alcohol use, you can contact Forward Leeds on 0113 887 2477. They have a range of different interventions that can help you to reduce your alcohol intake.
If however, you feel that you need further help in managing stress, Touchstone IAPT offers a type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This can help to learn more effective coping strategies, which can be used instead of alcohol. For example, we run CBT based Stress Control Classes which focus on learning a range of skills and techniques to manage your stress. These courses run once a week for 2 hours over a 6 week period from a range of venues over Leeds. 
To see if this is the right option for you call 0113 8434388 to have an assessment the same day, or you can refer yourself directly to Touchstone on 0113 216 3000.