Anxiously waiting, preparing in your mind,
for someone to offer a word that is kind.
Battle, in your mind, rages and you begin to close its doors,
your sweat begins to build and starts running from the pores.

You want that moment when you can take a step,
without spending hours in a state of prep.
Heightened heartbeat, pulse getting faster,
you’re anxiously preparing for yet another disaster.
Constant anxiety stops you living a fruitful life,
as your minds, always, in trouble and strife.
Anxiously waiting for an event to take place,
you’re not sure if it’s something you can ever face.
Step outside your minds door and begin to live your life,
instead of always living on the edge of the knife.
Bring back harmony, joy and begin to open your minds door,
anxiety will slowly begin to disappear from your minds core.