Better in Kirklees is a social prescribing service that uses a holistic approach to support people to be active and involved in their community, keeping people happier, healthier and independent for longer.
A bit of background…
Lisa is a 68 year old woman from Huddersfield, and was referred to BiK by Fieldhead Surgery. Lisa is a full-time, unpaid carer for her 78 year old uncle and another family member that is unwell. Her physical health is suffering and she has frequent back pain through caring for both family members. Lisa stated that she finds it difficult to get time for herself and feels there is no space in the house for her to relax as the house is always busy, and someone always needs her help. For unpaid carers like Lisa, the priority is always to make sure that everyone else is ok; to keep them safe and living independently.
Getting involved with BiK…
The contact offered by her BiK Wellbeing Worker meant that Lisa had an opportunity to take some time to think about her own needs. She was enabled to talk through her situation, how she is feeling and the impact everything is having on both her physical and mental health. Lisa asked for help to access activities that would get her out of the house more. She also realised that she needed much more information about what it means to be a carer and what the impact of this is on her own health and wellbeing; Carers Count was introduced to Lisa.
What next?..  
Our BiK worker, referred Lisa to Carer’s Count and shared all of the service information with her. She is now ready to start attending a meditation group, offered to benefit relaxation, physical and mental health. She can now spend some time concentrating on her own health, assured that her family are being taken care of in her absence and knowing that they will all feel the benefits of her new support.