A Dream

We call for freedom
But She isn’t present today

We scream loud like banshees
But freedom didn’t live on our streets
Painted like a dreamer on crack
Addicted to optimism.
But this
A dream

And there is no rehab for nightmares
When they follow you everywhere.

Racists stealthily haunts us
Like a cancerous tumour
That takes your breath away
Like Taeniasis
Every breath you take
Justice is never full

You smell blood on the streets of city’s
And no matter how much you clean up the smell lingers

They say smells trigger memories

So every time a black man, woman or non binary is Harassed due to the colour of the skin
It causes the brain to create stimulus that trigger trauma.

Our minds are still learning from inception
To take you back to optimism
To hope
To faith

Nightmares are only messages that affirm reality

And as for the dream
We are still dreaming
Till this day

Action for change
Is what the future is made of

By Enas at Leeds Mind