The 3rd Monday in January is said to be the most depressing day of the year due to the weather, financial pressures and debts accumulated over the holiday season and low motivation levels.
Blue Monday was first publicized by Sky Travel in 2005. You can find out more about how it was calculated and the companies who have publicized it here:
Whether Blue Monday is more PR or science, I think it is fair to say that many people do seem to experience a dip in mood after the festivities of December are fading and the reality of a dark, cold January set in.
For many of us, feeling a little gloomy, blue or tired at this time of year is nothing to be concerned about and will pass by.
However, if you experience a depressed mood or you have no pleasure in doing things you would normally enjoy for most of the day, every day for more than 2 weeks, then it may be time to speak to someone about it.
Often depression also includes the following symptoms in addition to a depressed mood or loss of interest:

  1. Weight loss/gain or an increase/decrease in appetite
  2. Feeling physically slowed down or restless
  3. Poor sleep
  4. Fatigue or lack of energy
  5. Feeling worthless or guilty
  6. Poor concentration

If this sounds like something you have been experiencing, there is help available.
Leeds IAPT offers CBT-based interventions for depression and anxiety disorders.
Touchstone IAPT forms a part of Leeds IAPT and we offer IAPT therapies to people from a Black and Minority Ethnic background.
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Written by Louise Aaron