Mental Health Awareness Week

World Mental Health Day 10th October: Workplace Wellbeing

10th October 2017 is World Mental Health Day. Mental health problems can affect anyone, any day of the year, but 10th October is a great day to show your support for better mental health and start looking after your own wellbeing. The theme for World Mental Health Day 2017 is workplace wellbeing. Mental health problems at work are common. At least one in six workers is experiencing common mental health

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Introducing Better in Kirklees new Peer Champion – #MHAW17

“Meeting up with you was the first thing I did to get out and about...” “In the past, other groups made me feel like I was a patient. You made me feel like I was worthy of doing something!” A bit of background… Patricia is a former secondary school teacher and head of year. She has a massive range of skills and experience after teaching Art & Design Technology, Art, Textiles, Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. She has been successful

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Feedback from CST clients – #MHAW17

When we asked people who use the Community Support Team (CST) service how they felt about the support they'd received, here are some of their responses “Very happy about it. It's given me back a life. It has helped to understand myself. If it wasn’t for Touchstone I think I would have gone back, its given me back my get up and go” “Champion! I’ve got a lot from the service,

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"The future looks much brighter" – a Peer-Led Brokerage Service client's story – #MHAW17

The following is a testimony from an individual using Touchstone’s Peer Led Brokerage Service. This person has a diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder, anxiety and suspicious personality which has resulted in being sectioned and detained numerous occasions for long periods of time since 2000. The state of her accommodation was highlighted as one of her Psychosocial stresses and relapse indicators. The referral to Touchstone asked us to help source carpets for

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