Our colleague in Touchstone IAPT Carlyn B has written a piece about a topic close to her heart to celebrate Black History Month. We hope you enjoy reading it…
Many people do not know but the month of October every year is dedicated to black history month. The month is dedicated to remember the history of African diaspora; remembering events and important people throughout history.  Black History Month can help many to understand there history and where they have come from. Such as what is ‘wind rush’;  learning about when the first large group of west Indians came to Britain. Or who is Martin Luther King to who is Mary Seacole.  There are many untold stories, and I know that I learn something more about black history every year from going to events. Even though the month of October is dedicated to black history it is about remembering and honouring this history 365 days a year. However, this month is dedicated to celebrating and educating with others.
An example is Madam CJ Walker (December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919) she was the first self-made millionaire in America. She made hair and beauty products for black women and was one of the wealthiest women in America. She was onto a good thing because as of 2015 the black hair care market is said to be worth $2.7 billion.
Black History Month started in the UK in 1987 and is about highlighting black history but it is also a time of celebration and for anyone from any culture or background to get involved.  Events around this time are aimed to educate but also enjoy the culture. This could be taste specific foods such as Caribbean food / West Indian food. Dressing up in traditional dress or participating in African dance. There are many events that will be going on throughout the month of October,  all around England and near a town near you. The link below is for events in Leeds however, there will be events in neighbouring town Bradford, if you don’t mind travelling. So get involved and if you don’t know much about black history, then October maybe your chance to.
Here are some examples to get you started:
     Bajan fish cakes
  Curry goat and rice and peas
  Jollof rice
  Steel drums
  Madam CJ Walker
 Traditional dress: Dominica