Dementia is something we all need to be aware of at Touchstone as it can affect all of our lives.  Although most of the service users who access Cromwell Mount do not have a Dementia diagnosis we recognise that not everyone displays the symptoms or disclose if they do.
To ensure that we are in full support of anyone in this situation we are now well on our way to declaring Cromwell Mount a Dementia Friendly’ building.  Not only have we put up posters to let everyone know but also, staff have been made aware and we have taken steps to make the building physically Dementia Friendly.
We have had new lighting installed as well as ensuring the internal colour scheme of our building is Dementia appropriate.  We have also had our carpeting changed so that it is safer and more ‘fit for purpose.’  I have personal experience of Dementia and know how debilitating a disease this can be to the person living with it, their carers and family.
I believe we at Cromwell Mount are really embracing this and will continue to offer support, guidance and whatever is needed for anyone who reaches out to us.