Everyone has and are still going through their own Covid-19 pandemic journey.

To support Sikh Elders Service Users the Team delivered over forty Wellbeing Kits during the month of April 2021. I could always sense the Service User’s loneliness and isolation during the regular phone calls I made to check up on their wellbeing. The same question “When are you opening up CDC sessions again?”, “When can we meet up in person?” was heard again and again during the calls.

What a wonderful experience it has been for the Team in putting together and delivering Wellbeing Kits. It was lovely to see our elders, and their faces light up as they answered their doors. Each person was very pleased to see a SES Team member physically outside their house and receive their surprise goody bag.

Photographs were taken which shows their happy smiley faces. With some Service Users it was my first face to face meeting, and I felt very proud to be bringing some happiness during the Lockdown to them. It was a very positive experience for all. I enjoyed meeting and matching the faces to the names I was familiar with. We were able to have some chats about our ups and downs during Covid-19.

We received some excellent, very positive and praiseworthy feedback from all the Service Users.

Kuldip, Team Administrator at Sikh Elders Service