My name is Leota Benjamin and I have worked for Touchstone for several years. My current role is a Mental Health Outreach Worker with The Community Support Team. In addition, I work as an approved Foster Carer, employed by Leeds City Council Children Services for more than 10 years. Being a Foster Carer is a highly skilled and specialist role, which requires energy, compassion and understanding. My main role amongst others is to make a positive contribution to the future of children and young people by providing a safe, healthy, enjoyable environment where they can develop and achieve their full potential. This role gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference to a child or young person’s life. Having seen first hand how some issues sometimes affect families or even create mental distress. The most valuable thing I learned from my fostering experiences is that you should never give up on people, even if they upset you. They just need the time, love, support and energy to get them on track. I did a lot of “stupid” things as a youngster but my parents never gave up one me.
Leota Benjamin, Community Support Team, Touchstone