To mark this years Global Day Of Parents Bradford’s Stronger Families WhatsApp wellbeing group wanted to share some reflections around ‘Good Enough’ parenting.

Instead of focussing on good parenting versus bad parenting, we shone the spotlight on good enough parenting. Just like there is no such thing as the perfect child, we discussed how there is no such thing as the perfect parent, after all children aren’t born with a manual are they, and parenting is very much’ learning on the job’. The group shared some of the skills we have learnt and developed along the way – planning, budgeting, behaviour management, crisis management, listening, patience, forgiveness, negotiation…the list goes on! We realised that many of these amazing skills are transferrable and can help us in everyday situations and  other roles, including work.

We came to the conclusion that a’ good enough parent’ can say yes to the following questions –

  1. Do you want to do the best you can for your child?
  2. Do you recognise when you can improve as parent and make a conscious effort to work towards that?
  3. Do you forgive yourself for making mistakes?