We’re getting better all the time – well, we like to think so, and our results in the Best 100 Not For Profit Organisations to Work For seem to confirm it.
In 2013, Touchstone entered the Best 100 at number 72, since then, our results have improved every year, and we now find ourselves at number 8. We see it as a positive feedback loop – being a great company attracts great staff, and having great staff makes us a great company. So we’re confident that our improvement, and the recognition of that improvement, is going to continue for a long time.
We were also presented with an award for “Discovering Potential” – recognising our drive to involve service users in developing the company, and in valuing the expertise of people who’ve experienced mental illness and used mental health services. Former users of our and other services currently hold both voluntary and paid roles in the organisation.
857 organisations applied to be part of the list this year. Each organisation’s place in the Best 100 was based on a confidential survey of their staff, assessing performance against a number of criteria. Areas where Touchstone did particularly well were “Personal Growth” (3rd), “Leadership” (4th) and “My Company” (9th). This year also saw us go from being listed as a “2 star” company, to achieving the top ranking of 3 stars.
Touchstone is the highest places mental health charity in the list and the only organisation from Yorkshire and Humber to make the Top 10.
Thank you to all of our staff for your commitment – not just to supporting the people who use our services, but also to supporting each other. Here’s to another year of great achievements.

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