It has been another challenging, busy and productive year for Touchstone’s Housing Services!
• 231 service users were supported in the last year.
• 110 service users are supported at any one time
• Once again Outcome Star scores for the year demonstrate that housing service users experience significant improvements in a wide range of areas as a result of our support.
• Service User feedback from recent questionnaires highlights the positive impact of working together in identifying and addressing support needs and setting goals for the future.
• 93% think the housing service they receive is good, very good or excellent.

Our Move-on scheme (26 temporary supported tenancies)

• Last year, the Housing Team assisted 38 service users to secure permanent accommodation following a period of support.
• 95% of all clients in this scheme were successfully supported to attain their own permanent accommodation with planned outcomes.
• 80% of these planned move-ons were achieved within 6–9 months of entering the service.

Positive Pathways (floating support: 84 Units)

• The Positive Pathways Consortium continues to build on its solid reputation in providing high quality housing support to the people of Leeds and a single point of contact.
• 95% of all clients leaving the service successfully completed a programme of support.
• Service Users within this service also have access to peer support and befriending opportunities as well as specialist employment support as required.

In addition:

• A new part-time housing service user consultant post was developed within the team to help us further develop our Housing Service User Involvement group.
• Touchstone Housing Services continue to work closely with all our partners and stakeholders and are fully engaged with the Housing Related Support Review that is now underway, a real opportunity to shape the future of Housing Support for the people of Leeds.

Service user testimonial: life begins at 60!

I moved to Leeds after I plucked up the courage to end a difficult 16 year relationship.
I was living in a private tenancy when Mark from Touchstone came and started supporting me, the shared flat I was living in was unsuitable, and my life was made miserable by the landlord and a couple of other tenants. Over a period of time my mental health deteriorated and I was very teary and unhappy all the time.
Mark met me, talked to me, and suggested I move into a Touchstone supported tenancy, I felt a weight had been lifted and it sounded ideal, because I’d get away from the bullies and get some much needed support. After the decision was made; it only took a matter of days from assessment to move in.
I couldn’t believe it! I was given support to move, deal with my landlord and cope with the stressful situation, but I can finally do my own thing and I can do what I want, how I want, when I want!
I have been supported by Touchstone in so may ways already; with my move, my finances and emotional support, and it doesn’t stop there – I’m getting support to go the dentist, fill out forms, settle in to my new flat and to bid, so I can have
a place of my own. I really appreciate having someone to talk to and to think things through with and I am a lot happier here than I have ever been.
Touchstone, thank you. At last … its quiet, there’s no noise!

I have never had such a positive experience with any other service as I have received with Touchstone. I feel I have received support that has gone above and beyond my expectations.