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Touchstone’s Updated 5-Year Strategic Business Plan

Touchstone have refreshed our 5-Year Strategic Business Plan. Drawing from our long-term vision and values, we have created an updated business plan, containing our current services, aims, and strategy to achieve those aims. Click the link below to find out more about our strategy to sustain and grow high quality support services for those most vulnerable to mental health issues across Yorkshire. Click here to download our Strategic Business

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Touchstone’s Annual Review 2021

It has been another tough 12 months where we have continued to deliver much needed mental health and wellbeing services to our diverse local communities in Yorkshire. Despite all the challenges related to the Covid-19 Pandemic I am proud to say Touchstone remains a beacon for positive change where the voice and needs of our service users and communities is at the heart of everything we do. As the

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Annual Service User Survey 2021 results

"Live Well Leeds saved my life. My worker is very understanding and is always there when I need her." - Live Well Leeds Service User "I've used the café a lot during the pandemic. Struggling with physical disabilities, domestic abuse as well as isolation. I've had support with a lot of the workers throughout all nights. I can honestly say that you are life savers. I will be forever indebted

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East Leeds Health For All case studies

After contacting a service user whom we had not seen for a couple of weeks, we were informed that they had had no heating or hot water for three months (the weather was very cold at the time). The service user was in bed trying to stay warm and had given up. We encouraged the service user to visit the Winter Wellbeing Café; they had symptoms of hypothermia and a severe chest infection. A hot meal and clothing were given and emergency

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Better in Kirklees case study

Mrs M is 72 years old and lives in the Cleckheaton area of Kirklees. She recently lost her husband to a long term illness and was a carer for him, in addition to caring for her mother and a friend, both of whom passed away in the space of two years. Before going through bereavement and a difficult time, Mrs M had an active lifestyle; she enjoyed being an active member of the church and going to local social groups

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BME Dementia Service annual review

The BME Dementia Service has had another busy and successful year which has included a number of diverse pieces of work, including: delivering one-to-one case management; facilitating the Dementia Café; awareness raising sessions; developing the work of Dementia Champions; raising awareness in Touchstone and working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society in Calderdale. The key highlights for the year were: Delivered 17 awareness talks to 260 people from BME communities. Supported 52 people with dementia and their carers. Promoted the service at various events/conferences,

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Positive Care Programme annual review

We have been going from strength to strength: making real changes in people’s lives where they are not only getting a chance to meet new friends and reduce their feelings of being alone, but also to learn new skills for dealing with their health better and receiving a range of one-to-one treatments. Many of our referrals state they have tried all the options available and are very happy to find something that really helps with their pain, mobility and anxiety. Recent evidence suggests

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Volunteers Project annual review

It is important to really get to know your volunteers. This means taking time to understand what they find satisfying about volunteering and any concerns they may have about the role or the organisation. Volunteers do get bored; they have other things going on in their lives. Volunteers Project has managed to sustain volunteers for more than one year. We support our volunteers by seeking to understand them, which will help us to: Revise roles to ensure they are still relevant and valuable

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