Mrs M is 72 years old and lives in the Cleckheaton area of Kirklees. She recently lost her husband to a long term illness and was a carer for him, in addition to caring for her mother and a friend, both of whom passed away in the space of two years. Before going through bereavement and a difficult time, Mrs M had an active lifestyle; she enjoyed being an active member of the church and going to local social groups for the elderly. When Mrs M came to BiK, she felt isolated and felt like she did not deserve to do anything for herself; she felt paranoid and anxious about meeting new people.
Within two weeks of her assessment Mrs M had been referred to and attended a social club in her local area and signed up to a befriending service with an annual membership, which enabled her to gain companionship within her own home once a week. Mrs M is enjoying the company she is receiving through befriending and has requested BiK to support her further with looking into groups that suit her hobbies and interests such as music.
As a result of receiving support from the Social Prescribing service, Mrs M has become more positive and more connected, “I was on my own, I was totally on my own in my home, I’m really glad that you called, I had no idea where I would have started.”