We have been going from strength to strength: making real changes in people’s lives where they are not only getting a chance to meet new friends and reduce their feelings of being alone, but also to learn new skills for dealing with their health better and receiving a range of one-to-one treatments. Many of our referrals state they have tried all the options available and are very happy to find something that really helps with their pain, mobility and anxiety. Recent evidence suggests 80% of participants have had suicidal thoughts in the last week before attending the programme.
We have built excellent links with other agencies across Leeds who have provided space for us to work from, and in turn we have been able to offer spaces to some of those with more complex needs and who are isolated across the city. We have continued working with Adult Social Care, with BARCA, DISC, the Real Junk Food Project, Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service and Women’s Health Matters.
Plans to run smaller, more focused sessions for more isolated groups or individuals are also being developed, working with Asylum Seekers, with SOLACE, PAFRAS, and with MESMAC and Action for Trans Health.
For year two of the project we saw 184 people on the programme with 10 becoming volunteers (our experts) with more development of that role being established. Many others have gone on to be signposted to other social, educational or recreational activities including tasters whilst on the programme. We run a well attended peer led drop in at our support centre which continues the sense of community.

  • 89% said their mental health had improved, and that life had become more manageable. People had less trips to the GP and their self-esteem had increased generally.
  • 91% state that their physical health had improved both from the treatments and from the workshops and new skills/strategies they were using. They stated that less pain was a big factor.
  • 71 % state they were better able to manage their conditions, some taking less medication, some with fewer suicidal thoughts, some less isolated, others learning new coping strategies and some joining new classes or becoming volunteers.
  • 88% said their mental health had improved.

Therapies on offer:
Acupuncture, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, Shiatsu, Indian head massage, deep tissue/sports massage, reflexology and healing.
Workshops on offer:
Mindfulness, relaxation techniques, massage techniques, art, Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, nutrition and more.
“A brilliant experience. Great to feel understood/supported and get relief for my problems. Enjoyed meeting other people and hearing their stories.”
“From the day  that I started the PCP I have realised I have treated my body very badly throughout my life. Thanks to PCP for showing me that mistakes are not for life, so long as you want to be healed. Thanks a million for all the magnificent staff and therapists. You are all gems.”