The benefits of dancing has been well established, helping to improve not only our physical but also mental wellbeing. And dance holds a special place in the heart of one Touchstone IAPT clinician in particular therefore to coincide with International Day of Dance, Carlyn B, has chosen to share with you the following reflection.
By Carlyn B
I have always loved dance from when I was a small child and personally it has always lifted my mood. I have done a variety of dance from contemporary dance to street dance.  A recent study in Germany looked at the benefits of dance versus going to the gym.  After 16 months they saw a 15% improvement in muscle strength for people attending dance classes but not in the gym group. It stated that dancing is more holistic and comprehensive; stimulating the muscles, using the brain and your balance.  So maybe hitting the dance class is a great idea.
In Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service (IAPT) we look at increasing activity and engagement in pleasurable activities to help build motivation and improve mood. Dance maybe one of those activities you may have stopped doing or are interested to get into.
There are so many different styles/genres of dance so hopefully there will be one that fits you best.
Below is list of different dance styles, have a look and see if any catch you eye and have a look if there is any in your local area to sign up to:

4 Step RocknRollRocknRollUSAFeel the beat style RocknRoll
6 Step RocknRollRocknRollUSATap and Step RocknRoll
Argentine TangoCulturalArgentineDance of Argentine
BachataLatinDominican RepublicHips on Fire
BalboaSwingUSAThe shuffle dance
BalletClassicalEuropeGraceful dance that tells a story or reflects a mood
Ballroom Cha ChaBallroomCubaFun, flirty, playful Cuban dance
Ballroom JiveBallroomEnglandVariation of the Jitterbug, consisting of dance steps derived from country dancing
Ballroom Paso DobleBallroomSpain (origin France)Marching to a Spanish bull fight
Ballroom RumbaBallroomCubaSlow and sensuous Latin American dance
Ballroom SambaBallroomBrazilA lively Brazilian dance consisting of many jumps and turns
Belly DancingCulturalMiddle EastMiddle Eastern dance or Arabic dance
BoleroLatinSpainSlow-tempo Latin dance
Boogie WoogieSwingUSAEuropean East Coast Swing
Break DanceModernUSAGet on the Good Foot
CerocSwingBlend of Latin, Salsa and a two-step jive
Cha ChaLatinCubaVibrant, flamboyant and playful dance from Cuba
CharlestonSwingUSAA step and swing dance from the 1920s
Cuban SalsaLatinCubaType of round dancing of Salsa

If you want to see the full list go to