The Coproduction Network is part of Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS). As we are a public mental health service, we have a responsibility to ensure you have the support you need to manage your safety and look after yourself. This is called safeguarding. 

If you decide to get involved in the Coproduction Network, we will ask for your date of birth and postcode in case we ever have concerns about your safety that we want to help you gain support for. We will store this information in our Membership Database. 

If we are concerned that you may be unable to keep yourself safe, we will have a conversation with you before we take any action unless we think the danger is so immediate that we must act straight away.  

If we are concerned about your ability to keep yourself safe, we will inform the public service that is best placed to help. For example, that might be the mental health crisis team or emergency services. 

If you are in treatment with the service and you tell us something which doesn’t need an urgent or emergency response, we will explain why we are concerned and ask you what you would like to happen. We will share this information with clinician or support worker so that they can properly support you and can review your safety management plan. 

If you are an LMWS member of staff who is also receiving treatment from the service, we will follow Touchstone’s safeguarding procedures.